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States Re-Examining Regulations for Hunters on ATVs

When people talk about expanding ATV trails, many times opposition comes from, naturally, environmental groups seeking to preserve open spaces and native wildlife.  It's an uneasy discussion, but it's played out every day in the United States, and most times, the outcomes are positive: riders get access and the natural surroundings remained preserved.

But as ATV advocates continue to expand access, they are running into opposition from another, perhaps unlikely group: hunters.

Hunters' opposition is quite simple, really.  When hunting an animal in the silence of the woods, an ATV in the distance can scare away their prey; while ATV tires can disturb habitat.  This is why most states have regulations that put hunters on ATVs adjacent to major roadways, closer to car traffic, rather than isolated backcountry trails.

That said, states like Idaho are revisiting these rules, which will have profound implications on how hunters operate and the extent to which riders have access to previously restricted backcountry trails.

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