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Protect Your ATV from Theft With ATV Insurance

Imagine the disappointment and anguish if you were to walk into your garage or wake up at your campsite only to find a vacant spot where your ATV once was parked. Perhaps this has already happened to you or someone you know, as reports of stolen ATV’s have skyrocketed in the last few years. Recovery of your quad by local authorities isn’t very likely, but there are steps you can take so all of the money and energy put into your ATV, like that killer suspension package or new set of ITP ATV Tires, isn’t completely wasted.

Automobile insurers have noticed the growing need for protection for owners of all types of powersports vehicles. Homeowner’s insurance may protect you on your property, but when trailering to your favorite riding spot or riding off your property, this coverage may cease and leave you vulnerable. Premiums are reasonable and if you already have homeowner’s insurance, you may be able to add on ATV insurance at a cheaper rate to protect your property from theft (and damage or personal injury liability).

Many state parks and public properties where riding is permitted require insurance anyway, so if you are concerned with possible theft or liability issues, contact your current auto insurance provider and ask about ATV insurance, or check with one of the large nationwide insurance providers, most of whom offer these specialized insurance policies.

Having the peace of mind of knowing you’ll be provided replacement funds for theft or coverage in an at-fault accident, may well be worth considering.

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