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Protect Your ATV from Deep Water Riding

People love ATVs because of their ability to handle the extreme terrain and go where no other vehicles can go. Much of this ability comes from the deep treads on ATV tires.

One type of terrain that brings with it a whole host of maintenance considerations is mud and deep water riding. Riding in deep water or mud can flood the engine and cause extensive damage. As such, more and more riders are looking into ATV snorkels.

An ATV snorkel is a water-tight breathing tube for any part of the vehicle that requires fresh air or vents to the outside. And while some manufacturers are pre-installing snorkels for the air box and clutch housing vents, such an arrangement is insufficient for deeper mud ridding.

Snorkel kits can run from $70 up to $200, but the investment is worth it if you often take your ATV into deep water or mud; especially when compared to the risk of costly engine damage.

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