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New ATV Rules and Restrictions in Your State

New ATV Rules and Restrictions in Your State

Note: this is unsafe and is probably illegal in your state. 

Ah, nothing like spring. The snow is nearly gone, the birds are singing, and millions of ATV enthusiasts are looking to hit the trail after a long, cold winter.

With a new season comes new ATV rules and regulations. These rules, of course, vary by state and before you put on your helmet and rev up your ATV, it would be wise to read up on any new laws that could affect you. Why? Well, North and South Carolina, as well as Mississippi, have all made changes to their ATV laws in the last few months. Your state might have, too.

Your first order of business should be to run an internet search on €œATV Laws€ with your state abbreviation. Important considerations include mandatory training, mandatory helmet usage, restrictions applying to minors, and accessibility restrictions – many states ban ATV usage on public property because ATV tires tear up the land.

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