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Maine: The Offroader's Dream State

Maine is an off-roader's dream state. Whether you like to ride on wooded trails, wide open plains or mountainous paths, Maine has hundreds of ATV trails to choose from. Most of Maine€'s trails are maintained by local ATV clubs and private landowners, which keep them well-maintained.

Mt. Blue State Park is a very popular ATV scenic riding area.  With over 8,000 acres and panoramic views of the Tumbledown Mountain Range and trails along the Webb Lake, ATV enthusiasts will not tire of the beauty of this landscape. And if you have never been ATVing during the fall, you are in for a fantastic display of one of Nature€'s finest gifts. The fall foliage season has folks from all walks of life venturing to New England for a visit. Being able to do this while at Mt. Blue State Park on your ATV is an experience you won€'t soon forget. And not only will you spot beautiful leaves, you could also spot the endangered Peregrine falcon and bald eagle, or maybe even a black bear, coyote or fox.

We suggest Kenda ATV Tires for your Maine adventure. The Kenda Kutter XC, especially, provides extra traction on incredibly rough terrains.

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