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Increased Popularity of ATVs for Work Purposes

Conventional wisdom says that the popularity of all-terrain vehicles are attributable to recreational users. It's true, of course; and on the surface, it makes perfect sense: ATVs are a fun and generally affordable way to enjoy the great outdoors with friends.  (The adrenaline rush doesn't hurt either.)

Yet one of the fast-growing uses for ATVs is good old-fashioned work. They're proving tremendously helpful for farmers, construction workers, and contractors.

For starters, it's a matter of money. While ATVs for work purposes are unlikely to replace large agricultural machinery anytime soon, they are cheaper than a typical pick-up truck but offer many of the conveniences. Which creates a niche that ATVs have been filling, since they are able to haul sizeable payloads and perform well in all types of weather and conditions (thanks to the variety of And since minors can operate ATVs, they can be put to work helping with agricultural or farming tasks. Be aware, however, that minors must participate in state-sponsored training to ensure maximum safety.

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