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How to Change an ATV Tire

Expenses when owning an ATV can quickly add up if you take your vehicle to a maintenance shop every time something needs to be installed or repaired. Often, when purchasing new ATV tires, the store will charge a fee to mount them for you; but if you are familiar with using a few tools, and can follow instructions, you could be well on your way to saving that money by doing it yourself.

Step 1: First, remove the old wheel from the ATV and let the air out of the tire by removing the valve stem. You must then break the seal between the wheel and the tire with a bead breaker tool.

Step 2: After inserting two rim protectors a few inches from one another, wedge two tire irons between the wheel and the ATV tire, against the protectors. The tire irons should face opposite directions, as you are going to press on both tire irons at once, which will pull the tire and rim away from one another. Repeat this process far enough around the wheel until enough of the tire is over the lip of the wheel that it can be pried off with your hands.

Step 3: By now, we assume you have researched and purchased the right set of premium or discount ATV tires for your vehicle. At this point you are going to put the new tire on in the same manner you took the old tire off – just in reverse order. Use the rim protectors and tire irons in the same fashion. Soapy water can be sprayed onto the inside of the tire to facilitate this process.

Step 4: The final step is to fill the new ATV tires using an air compressor until you hear two loud pops, indicating that the tire bead has sealed. Replace the valve stem, inflate the tire to the correct tire pressure and re-mount onto your quad.

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