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Get ATV Racing Sponsorship in 2012

Now through the end of January, GBC Motorsports is accepting rider resumes for 2012 ATV racing sponsorship. Known for their famous GBC ATV tires, the company is welcoming applications from UTV and ATV riders of all skill levels.

Which leads to the question: how exactly do you get a sponsorship?

Each company has a sponsorship budget. These sponsorships are divided into varying levels of rider support, from merchandise discounts to free products (like ATV tires), to a full factory sponsorship. The first step in getting your foot in the door is just like most other jobs – the resume.

A short and sweet resume that lists ALL your contact information is extremely important. There are hundreds or thousands of applicants, and if you end up being hard to reach because you left off your cell phone number or email, the likelihood of the company passing you over for an easier to reach candidate is greater. Make it as easy for them as possible.

Include a brief bio of who you are and your accomplishments in the racing world. Being a successful racer is important, but first and foremost you are a brand ambassador who happens to ride, so make sure you impress the company you are seeking sponsorship from with qualities and energy that separates you from others. Include photos with your resume – at least one headshot and an action pic.

Perhaps most important of all is to convey a high level of professionalism to the resume reviewer. They can tell how much time you have put on the resume and the pictures you send, so consider a professional photographer and make sure the resume is modern and error-free. While your accomplishments may be stellar, you won’t get a sponsorship with an email address like – so put yourself in the company’s shoes as you review the materials you send them. Have someone with a good eye look it over to see if anything seems out of whack to them.

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