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Choosing Insurance for Your ATV

An ATV has to be insured for you to operate it as a street-legal vehicle. However, apart from mandatory requirements, having proper insurance for your ATV can save you costs in case of mistakes and accidents when you are off road as well. Here are some important aspects to consider when you are choosing insurance for your ATV.

Take Advantage of Discounts Offered by Insurance Carriers

You can decrease the cost of insurance for your ATV, as many carriers offer discounts if you satisfy certain conditions. The first thing you could do is to take a comprehensive safety course, which covers all aspects of handling and riding your ATV. A person who has undergone such a course is eligible for a discount because the insurance company feels you carry a lower risk of being injured compared to a person who is not knowledgeable about ATV safety. Secondly, storing your ATV in a locked enclosure can reduce your insurance, since the chances of your “adult toy” being stolen are minimal. Lastly, you can accept or sign up for insurance coverage for your ATV from the same carrier who is providing insurance for your car, house, and so on.

When you link various insurances from the same carrier, you can obtain a discount. This is only logical for them to reward you for engaging in so much business with them.

Liability Coverage

Choose a policy with liability coverage, even if it proves to be more expensive. When you have liability coverage, any injury that you cause to another person while driving your ATV will be covered. This will include all medical expenses, the loss of earnings suffered by the injured due to the accident and other monetary damages for pain and suffering. If you do not have liability insurance, and if a court holds you liable for injuring another person while driving your ATV, you will have to bear all the costs that were mentioned here.

Property Damage

Every ATV driver knows how easily control the vehicle can be lost while not paying attention or while pushing the machine to its limits. In such situations, there are slight chances of damaging someone else’s property depending on where you are at. Despite that the risks of running into a parked car, a fence, or ruining the landscape of someone’s property are unlikely, it is not completely off the reservation. Hence, when your insurance covers property damage you will be saving quite a bit of money if something like this occurs. At least if you have insurance coverage for something like this, you have some financial backup.

Dedicated Policy

Simply including your ATV as a property on a homeowner's policy (or any other policy) is not a prudent idea, since this will not provide the required protection. For instance, damage to your vehicle is not covered by a homeowner’s policy when the vehicle is not on your property. Hence, having a dedicated policy specifically for the ATV has many advantages, and you can include whatever coverage you want in such policies.

Additional Points

Taking advantage of various types of coverage is an attractive idea when insuring your ATV. Consider all your individual requirements when you are choosing an insurance company, package or type of insurance. For instance, if you are taking your ATV to a distant riding spot and seeking a severe challenge, you might want to cover the costs of transportation, lodging and so forth if you become stranded due to a breakdown or an accident.

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