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ATV Mudding

The great thaw is on its way, which means April showers are soon to follow. Rain means mud, and mud means mudding. Before you go, check our lists below to make sure you’re ready to roll.


TLC for Your ATV

Consider where you’ll be riding. Is there potentially more water than mud? A snorkel and a lift kit will be essential. Is it more thick, deep mud? You’ll want a winch and snatch block. Skim through our list below and check them off as you go!

  • Check frame for cracks and wear
  • Coolant check; change or top off
  • Check radiator washer. Replace if damaged or worn
  • Service your disc brakes if needed


  • Lift kit 
  • Snorkel for high-water riding
  • Clutch kits for oversized tires
  • Foot pedals and handlebars with good grip
  • Upgrade CV axles from stock to high performance
  • Install a high-flow filter
  • O-ring chain where possible
  • Aggressive mud tires
  • Coolant temp gauge

Machine Pre-Ride Prep

  • Seal air box
  • Use marine grease on bearings and pivot points
  • Use electrolyte grease for electric connections
  • Use WD-40 on body (avoid use on polycarbonate windshields)
  • Inspect winch line
  • Pack a pump kit to unclog radiator from mud 

ATV Mud Tires

We have several tires that have proven to be top performers in mud over time.

maxxis bighorn 2.0
Maxxis Bighorn

kenda bearclaw

Kenda Bearclaw

itp mudlite ii

ITP Mudlite II

quadboss QBT 673

Quadboss QBT673

sedona mud rebel r/t

Sedona Mud Rebel R/T

interco black mamba

Interco Black Mamba

kenda executioner

Kenda Executioner

itp monster mayhem

ITP Monster Mayhem


If you’re new to mudding, we’ve got a few helpful tips, or friendly reminders to brush up on your skills before you hit the trails again this year.

  • Don’t overcontrol the vehicle. The ATV will bump around. Stay loose
  • Go where others haven’t. You don't want to get stuck in a rut
  • Don’t jerk the throttle if you get stuck! This digs you deeper. If you lose traction, rock back and forth with the throttle steady, trying to find grip. If you can’t, have some buddies help pull you out if you’re not too deep. Otherwise, this is where your winch comes in handy
  • Steady speed is the key to mudding
  • Aim for gradual inclines and declines to prevent sliding or flipping
  • Check your brakes upon emerging from water
  • Check your radiator periodically to prevent overheating


  • Clean the radiator so it’s ready to go the next time the conditions are just right
  • Hose down the machine entirely
  • Tune up and make note of any things you may need to replace or change to make the next mudding adventure go smoothly
  • Order replacement parts if needed

Where Do You Mud?

Where’s your favorite place to go mudding?
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