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Olympia Sprints 365/85R20 Truck Tire Chains

The Olympia Sprints are commercial-grade chains suitable for light trucks and heavy duty trucks including big rigs, SUVs, and trailers. They come in a wide variety of sizes, made from German-forged steel and assembled in China. The Erlau name is a subsidiary of RUD Chain. Link size varies depending by model number, ranging from 4.5mm to 7mm. Installation: Drape over the tire and center the chain. Back up 1/4 turn. Connect the ends, and secure the tensioning chain with the L-Bar. Weave excess in and around the other sections of the tensioning chain, securing it to a link that will provide maximum tension.
SKU: 147

Other sizes

  • Link size varies by model number, ranging from 4.5 mm to 7mm
  • Commercial-grade chain for light and heavy duty trucks, including big rigs, SUVs and trailers
  • Reversible chain mesh and high-grip square links
  • Installation tips: Drape chain over tire and center. Back up ¼ of a turn. Connect ends. Secure tensioning chain with L-bar. Weave in and around other sections of tensioning chain, securing to a link that will increase tension
SKU 147
MFR Item No. 147
Full Size 365/85R20
Size 1 365
Size 2 85
Size 3 20

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