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Customer Question: Trailer Tire Pressure

Q: My boat weighs 700 lbs. All I know about the trailer weight is that it was built for an 8-foot boat and is made of steel. My 6.90-9 size trailer tires need to be pressurized at 60 PSI. That seems like a lot of pressure for the load. What's your recommendation?

A: Run your trailer tires at the maximum air pressure stated on the sidewall of the tire. This ensures the tire's ability to carry the maximum designated load. The most common reason for trailer tire failure is heat build-up, which typically occurs when the air is under-inflated.

To comment on the approximate load carrying capacity of the tire, I need the load range. For example, a 6 ply (LRC) Carlisle USA Trail at a size of 6.90-9 has a load range of 1100 lbs per tire. For a single axle trailer, these are sufficient for a total weight of 2200 lbs.

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