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Why Transporting a Horse Makes Your Tires More Important

horse trailer window

Transporting horses doesn't have to be a nightmare. Midwest Traction provides reasons to consider your trailer tires, too.

Horse Comfort

When transporting horses, many people focus trailer quality. If traveling a significant distance, they’ll make certain that there is enough ventilation, climate control, and padding for roads that are exceptionally rough.


Size and ability to store the trailer between uses are both factors to be considered. So is the ease of securing the horse within the trailer, and how difficult it is to load and unload the animal. 


What many horse owners forget, though, is that their horse trailer tires are equally vital for ensuring that their beloved animal has a safe and comfortable trip. Quality tires directly impact how the vehicle handles. As trailers are towed behind a vehicle, quality tires create less drag and insert more control, so as to avoid any mishaps. Check out our store today, or give us a call at 1-855-681-8326.

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