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Do I Really Need ST Tires?

When purchasing trailer tires, it is recommended that you fit it with ST (or Special Trailer) tires.  

Some trailer users assume no difference between ST and LT (or Light Truck) tires. Though tempting to fit your trailer with passenger tires because of lower cost, it's highly dangerous. Here's why: 

  • Traction: Passenger tires are designed with a more flexible sidewall to allow more ground contact. This makes for more effective stopping and turning. A brakeless trailer has no need for this kind of control when being towed behind another vehicle.
  • Sway: Increased flexibility can cause trailer sway, which becomes dangerous as load capacity increases. ST tires rigid sidewall construction keeps your trailer steady by decreasing sway.
  • Overall Construction: ST tires are designed from heavyweight materials for the purposes of durability. Most trailers are exposed to the elements for prolonged periods without use.

In the past, many trailer users preferred passenger tires due to the radial technology option. Fortunately, ST tires are manufactured in both bias ply and radial varieties, so you can find a quality trailer tire that suits your preference. Check out our full selection of trailer tires in a variety of sizes.

Not sure which trailer tires are right for you? Call us at 1-855-681-8326.

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