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Stock These ATV Tire Tools

ATV riding is great for exploration; off-road vehicles allow for adventures in all types of terrain. A sure way to bring the fun to an end quickly is to have tire problems. Midwest Traction put together a list of tools to consider packing in your ATV storage to keep your adventures rolling. Even the most rugged all-terrain tires can't ward off the likelihood of an unfortunate event. Pack these in your toolbox to fend off flats. 

Tools for the Trail

Repair Kit
Great for punctures and flats, tire repair kits come loaded with a variety of items to assist in unexpected misfortune. Most kits contain an eye tool, plugs, patches, rubber cement, an adapter and CO2 cartridges. This combination should get you back on the trail quickly and safely for small repairs.

Portable Compressor
A relatively inexpensive investment, compressors boost pressure in the short-term until you're home to properly fix slow leaks or minute punctures. 

Pressure Gauge
Ironically, most riders have too much air in their tires. Over-inflating compromises performance, safety and tire life due to uneven wear. Follow the recommended PSI for your vehicle, and check your tires using a pressure gauge

Lug Wrench
Tire removal is near impossible without one of these. Keep on hand in case of extreme circumstances.

Though not tools, ATV tire chains offer a valuable boost in traction when encountering slick terrain. Chains aren't just for snow and ice; they'll help get you out of mud, too. Practice applying chains before you take your ATV out. You'll want to know how to secure them properly before you're in an emergent situation. We also highly recommend investing in an adjuster to prevent damage to your vehicle should a chain come loose. 

Bead Starter Strap
A portable device, this strap will make seating your tires a breeze. It applies even seating pressure to the tire bead without compressed air. 

Tire Tools for the Shop

Whether you're a mechanic who missed their calling or just someone who likes to tinker with your toys yourself, tire tools will help make seemingly minor, but dramatic changes in performance. Always practice safety first and use caution. If you're a novice or something doesn't seem right, seek professional assistance. 

Bead Breaker
This tool comes in many different sizes and applications. They'll help you smoothly and easily remove your tire from the rim. Know what your needs are and consult with a hardware store for the best product for you. 

Tire Changer
This item is pricey (around $150), but if you're a frequent rider who likes to switch from one tire application to another, you'll find it's worth the cost. 

Tire Iron or Spoon
If you're on a budget, skip everything else and invest in this tool. You'll use it more than any of the others. 

Valve Remover
Though small, it's a tool you'll want on hand to install or remove the core of your tire without causing external damage. Many overlook or forget about it completely. 

Tread Cutter
Big traction bars are great for the right application. But what happens when they start to wear? Tread cutters allow you to trim away rounded corners to restore tread grip. 

The safest way to stabilize your ATV during any type of maintenance. Don't cut corners here; the damage done to you or your vehicle should any other type of "propping device" fail is not worth it. 

Bead Seating Tank
Generally a 5-gallon air tank, this tool helps air get into hard-to-fill tubeless tires. 

Tune Up Your Tires

Tires aren't glamorous, but they play a crucial part in the way your vehicle performs. Often overlooked, tire problems generally start small and snowball into something far more costly and damaging if left unattended. Check pressure regularly, replace leaky valves, check for dry rot, and keep track of tire rotation. The recommended examination frame is to check your tires every time you service your machine. Use the right tools in your workshop and take some out on the trail. You never know what you may need. We want to keep you rolling. Observe safety and riding laws. 

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