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We Can't Haul Our ATV!

Following the arrival of our 2005 Polaris Sportsman 500, we discovered we couldn't fit the quad and the motorcycle on the trailer. With some minor modifications, we were finally able to fit both. 

We tried many things to gain a couple of inches in width. We lifted one side of the quad onto boards to no avail. We needed two extra inches of space to make it work. When we finally got them next to each other, the forks of the bike were rubbing on the Carlisle ATV tires. Hypothetically, a few miles on the highway would wear a hole in the tires. We tried moving the four-wheeler to the rear of the trailer. Nothing was working.

Temporary Solutions

Option 1: My parents have a 6’x10′ trailer that can accommodate the Polaris and the Big Red Pig. For now, this what we will use for camping/trail rides.

Option 2: Use our existing trailer and bring our smaller ATV to the races. The 'cycle and our Kawasaki Prairie fit next to each other on it. It's best to get around the pits at hare scramble and enduro races. It offers plenty of storage space for cameras, jackets and whatever Jennifer may need as she tools around the race facility. 

This was an unforeseen problem with the Polaris Sportsman 500. I assumed the tires would be spaced the same as our Kawasaki. Hopefully, we can come to an eventual permanent solution, whether that's buying a new trailer, or making modifications to our current one

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