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Radial and Bias ATV Tires: Which Are Best For You?

Everyone enjoys ATV riding for different reasons. Some want to spend a day in the wilderness, appreciating the peace and quiet of the back country. Others enjoy spending time with friends. While the reasons vary, the importance of selecting the right tires does not. Do you need radial or bias? We explain the differences of each below.


The term “bias” refers to a form of textile manufacture wherein the fabric crisscrosses itself, often at a 45-degree angle. Bias tires have a very similar construction in that the plies, or layers of rubberized material, lay at a 30-40 degree angle from the tire's centerline. Each new ply is laid at the opposite angle to the layer below. Casing plies encompass the carcass providing flexibility. There has been very little change in bias tire construction since their original design.

In 1946, the invention of radial tires forever changed how we look at tire construction. Instead of laying the ply cords at angles, radial plies run at 90-degree angles from bead to bead. The addition of steel mesh belts helps to stabilize and stiffen radial tires.

The Good


These tires are less expensive, with durable sidewalls and good gripping/traction. This makes them well-suited for rugged terrain. Bonus? They're self-cleaning. 


With a longer life (up to 50%), radial tires provide a smooth ride through less resistance. They're puncture resistant and they perform better at high speeds. 

The Bad


Bias tires have a shorter life span, experience a rougher ride, and are tougher to balance.


Longer performance and higher quality mean they're more expensive and their side walls are weaker than bias tires. 

The Ugly

Both tires end up with flat spots when left to sit. 

Radial ATV tires are a good choice for most riders, but if you like to ride a bit rougher, bias tires are a better fit. With plenty to choose from, take time to peruse our online store for ATV tires. If you have questions, give us a call. We would love to hear from you! 1-855-681-8326

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