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Product Spotlight: GBC ATV Tires

We thought it might be helpful to spotlight some of the products we offer. GBC has been producing specialty tires for over 30 years, beginning under the name Greenball Industries. The company broke into the ATV tire market in 1980, and over time, this area of production evolved into GBC Motorsports. GBC works hard to develop high-quality and innovative products that stand out in the ATV tire industry. Three of our best-selling models are listed below.

Grim Reaper ATV Tires

Grim Reaper

An 8-ply radial tire with a specially designed zig-zag centerline tread that creates puncture resistance. An invaluable asset for dry, sandy climates littered with thorns and rocks. Another great feature offered are wrap-around lugs, which provide superior traction and performance in almost any terrain.

GBC Spartacus ATV Tires


Also an 8-ply radial tire, this one is specially designed for mud. The radial tire allows more of the tire’s surface to be in contact with the ground, thus creating a more comfortable ride. These are a good choice for wet climates.

GBC Dirt Commander ATV Tires

Dirt Commander

A bias ply tire with sharp edges for more bite on tough surfaces. Like the Grim Reaper, Dirt Commander is puncture resistant. This all-terrain ATV tire will get a quad over most any surface with excellent traction, including mud and hard pack. For unpredictable terrain, these are marvelous.

Not seeing what you want here? We stock several other GBC ATV tires in our online store. Check it out or give us a call! 1-855-681-8326

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