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Choosing a Sport Bike

With the variety available, choosing the right bike can be overwhelming. In the market for a sports bike? Midwest Traction has a few tips to contemplate.

Riding Style

What type of riding are you doing? Do you want a bike that looks cool for show, or are you interested in racing? Race length varies, from laps around the track to endurance events. Each bike comes stylized and equipped for a specific use. Get the right fit; be wary of overspending on features you won't use.


How fast you need to go and amount of handling required are two key factors in racing. Determine your race distance, and account for your level of skill. Novices should start small, progressing in size and horsepower with experience. Smaller bikes have less power and more maneuverability than their larger counterparts.

Body Size & Strength

Size the bike with your body. Straddle the seat. Do both feet lay flat on the ground? Are your tiptoes the only point of contact? You'll need to balance yourself at stopping points while riding.

Can you manage the bike's weight? To test: Stand, grip the handlebars, slightly tip to each side, and return to the upright position. If you completed the tasks comfortably, take it one step further: Tip and lower the bike completely to the ground, and lift it up again.

It's critical to choose correctly; in all scenarios, you should be able to handle your bike with confidence and ease. Choosing a bike outside of your abilities creates safety risks for you and others.

Used Bikes

If second-hand is an alternative choice, exercise caution with modified bikes. Customization directly reflects user preference, which can be especially problematic for beginners. Better to start with a bare-bones bike and modify as skills improve. 

The Right Bike

Sport bikes are sleek, sexy, and speedy. It's easy to forget practicality, so try several models to get a feel for what suits you best. Ride, lift, sit, examine. Test weather and terrain variants, if possible. Be smart, safe, and enjoy your bike! 

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