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Choosing The Right ATV Tire Size

ATV manufacturers carefully match OEM ATV tire size with the specs of the engine, gearing, and handling. It is best practice to maintain the tire size your ATV was shipped with. However, if you are willing to take the risk of reducing component life for added performance, here is what you can expect by changing your tire size.

Tire Height

If you increase or decrease the size of your ATV tires, it is important to change the size of all four tires. For instance, going to 27-inch tires from 25-inch means you replace your 25-8.00-12 (front) and 25-10.00-12 (back) with 27-8.00-12 and 27-10.00-12. Notice how everything else stays the same, but 25 increases to 27 on all four tires.

Increasing tire size increases top speed at the cost of hole shot speed. Expect larger tires to be more flexible, offering a softer ride. Don't oversize; this overloads the engine and transmission, while decreasing braking performance. 

Decreasing size increases firmness and hole shot speed, while decreasing top speed. Having tires too small reduces control and risks damaging the vehicle.

Tire Width

Narrower tires provide less surface area for the tire treads to contract. Decreased traction is the difference between floating and sinking in mud. Increasing width provides more traction, but may cause steering and suspension issues if they're too tall for your model.

Sidewall Height

Shorter sidewall heights allow for taller rims, which provides ground clearance for the body of the ATV. Lift kits are a more effectual way to achieve vehicle height, as they add more than 1-2 inches rims provide. 

Taller sidewall heights provide greater flex for off-roading, but perform poorly at high speeds and on hard-packed terrain. The risk of puncture increases, as well. 

Before changing tire size, really consider the necessity of such a modification. When in doubt, ask an expert, or give us a call! 1-855-681-8326

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