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Choosing the Best Mower & Lawn Tires for Hills

If you have a large, hilly lawn, it's wise to invest in the right lawn mower and turf tires to get the job done. Not all riding and push mowers are fully equipped to tackle hills. Fortunately, there are lawn tires and mowers that can minimize your work and maximize your lawn’s beauty.

Riding mower by jeffharbert, Flickr


These two are your best options for mowing hills. Push mowers work, but their design is intended for flat, smooth surfaces. Manual push mowers are the cheaper, though not recommended. Self-propelled mowers can tackle hills at a higher price. They’re designed to glide the contours of a hill as it moves forward. These do most of the hard work while you walk and steer. Self-propelled mowers have better engines and excellent maneuverability.

Riding mowers are your best option for large yards with troublesome hills. Riding mowers are also more expensive, generally costing no less than $1,000, but they're worth the investment. Their heavy duty engines move the mower with ease, letting you focus on riding and guiding. 

Hilly lawn by Nimages DR, Flickr

Lawn Tires for Hills

Tires are a crucial component in lawn care, perhaps more important than the mower itself. The most popular are Carlisle Turf Master tires. With a long performance life due to exceptional puncture resistance and great traction thanks to the deep tread pattern, these tires are king. Worry not - the tread traction won't damage your lawn. They come in a variety of sizes and fit nearly any mower. 

Happy mowing! 

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