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9 Neat Names: ATV Tires

It's ATV tire season, and we've selected nine tires with neat names. Is your favorite not on this list? Tell us on social media! 

9. Kenda Klaw Series

This tire comes in several variations: the MX for competition, the MX Radial for cross-country performance, the Sticky Lite for MX terrain soft to hard pack, the XC for a wide variety of conditions, and the XCR for cross-country terrain.

Depending on size and model, pricing starts low-end at $63.28 and goes up to $91.65 per tire. 

8. Carlisle Mud Wolf

These rugged, self-cleaning tires will make you feel as though mud has met its match. Price range: $97.52 - $129.53

7. AMS Sidewinder

Designed to destroy sandy terrain, these tires utilize 8 blades from shoulder-to-shoulder to boost turning control. Price starts at $31.14 on the low end and goes up to $68.95 depending on size. 

6. Interco Super Swamper Vampire

These tires boast some of the deepest lugs on the ATV tire market. Designed for larger ATVs, these tires have clearance and power to clear swamp terrain. Price starts at $69.99 and goes to $93.52.

5. Maxxis Mudzilla

As the ultimate mud tire for the most extreme conditions, this tire's massive tread bars provide max traction in mud. Price starts at $114.19 and goes up to $196.08 depending on size. 

4. GBC Grim Reaper

Aggressive all-terrain control comes from these tough tires with deep, wraparound shoulder lugs for the best rubber-to-ground contact. Price starts at $92.81 and goes to $174.07

3. ITP Mayhem

This tire is built to take a beating and come back for more, and who can be surprised with a name like Mayhem? Tough on mud holes but not so abrasive that harder trails are out of the question, this tire starts at $90.92 and goes up to $127.57. Mayhem has sister branches with more aggressive applications, like the Mammoth, Monster, and the Mega.

2. Kenda Executioner

For deep down traction in the muddiest conditions, the Kenda Executioner was built for aggressive 4x4 riding terrain. Price ranges from $66.91 to $126.75

1. AMS Mud Evil

6-ply tread nylon casing and all-terrain tread pattern make the AMS Mud Evil tough as nails. Price: $226.95 - $278.95  

Names don't indicate performance. While we love the names of each of these tires, make sure you pick the right style for your needs. Call our sales team with questions! They're ready and waiting to help. 1-855-681-8326

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