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Weighing ATV Tire Brands

The number of tire brands available for ATVs and other off-road vehicles can be a little overwhelming at times. It seems as if ATV tires come and go rather quickly, and specialty brands will often appear for a short time, and then disappear. When looking for the tire that will be most successful for your ATV needs, it is important to consider how much use the tire will get, the weather conditions you expect to encounter, the type of terrain over which you will be driving, and where and how you plan to store your vehicle during the off-season.

The tire brands that seem to be the most successful across the board are those that were around at the beginning of the tire industry, including Goodyear ATV tires and Dunlop ATV tires. Carlisle ATV tires have also made their mark over the years, and Maxxis ATV tires, while comparatively young, have also been consistently well-ranked. Research is your best friend, and understanding the “where,” “how,” and “what” of your tire needs will go a long way toward ensuring that you choose the brand that will be most successful for you.

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