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The Parts of a Great ATV Tire

When you climb onto your ATV, you are most likely thinking about the journey ahead, the type of terrain you might encounter, what dangers to avoid, and how many hours of good light you have left.  Though you most likely check your tires and keep them in good condition, or change them when necessary, your ATV tires component parts are probably not first and foremost in your mind.  However, your tires are actually quite fascinating.

The design that goes into a great ATV tire like Carlisle ATV tires or Dunlop ATV tires, is a combination of the right materials and engineering.  The tread pattern exists to move water away from the tire so that the tire itself remains in contact with the road.  The type of rubber-mix used in the tire determines what conditions it handles best.  The actual tire tread (the portion of the tire that is in contact with the ground) is composed of a different rubber combination than the sidewalls.  If you were to cut your tire open and look at a cross-section of it, you would notice differences within the profile that determine how well the wheel handles turning or how stable it is on tough terrain.  All of these parts influence how your ATV will handle, so do some research, and make sure that the ATV tires you are buying, will provide you with the optimum ride.

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