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Summertime ATV Trails to Check Out

In some parts of the country, summer has come relatively early this year. This means that warm weather activities, like ATV riding, can begin a bit earlier. Whether you’re a beginning or advanced rider, the trails below offer a little something for everyone.

For beginners or anyone looking for a relatively easy ride, try Skyline Drive, located in Farmington, Utah. This drive is known for its spectacular views and is close to several cities, so getting to and from the trail is not difficult. It is considered to be one of the best summer ATV trails in the US.

Jackman-Moose River Region trails in Maine cover 300 miles of wilderness. The trails snake through multiple types of terrain and afford riders excellent opportunities for hunting, camping, and fishing. Jackman also offers an ATV Jamboree every September.

For expert riders, there is the Pearl Pass trail in Crested Butte, Colorado. It receives high marks for its length (40.6 total miles), beautiful scenery, and challenging terrain.

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