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Sand vs. Water and Your ATV Tires

Sand and water share many similarities. You can pour both of them. They can both put out a fire. Under the right circumstances, a person can drown in both. One area where water and sand are total opposites, though, is the style of ATV tire tread necessary to navigate them.

If you regularly find yourself driving on land in wet areas, it is vital to change your tires when the tread starts to disappear. If you don't, you are liable to skid off the road at some point. It is the job of the tread on your ATV tires to send water away from the tread area so that you can have a smooth, stable ride without worrying about sliding. Try the Super Grip Mud Bitch for extra muddy conditions or Super Light ATV Tires for sloppy trails.

On sand, however, the less tread, the better. Rather than sending the sand away from the tire, the distinct tread pattern pulls the sand in. You will end up digging your way across the sand dunes or desert, as opposed to cruising along on top of the terrain. The GBC Sand Shark and Maxxis Razr Blade are solid examples of sand-friendly tires.

So make sure you know what you are getting into the next time you head out, and outfit your ATV accordingly.

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