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Salazar Reverses “Wild Lands” Position

As all ATV riders know, there is a constant balance that needs to be struck between offroad vehicle access and environmental protection of public lands. It's a highly politicized debate, with federal and state governments seeking to make land available while preserving natural resources.

Into this debate stepped US Department of the Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. His controversial policy presented a few months ago, would have allowed public land to be managed by the Bureau of Land Management as if all areas were protected wildlife areas. This would have severely limited ATV access in a lot of areas, particularly in western states.

Last week, after major opposition, the policy was rejected and Salazar reversed his position. Wild Lands will now have a designation less-restrictive than that of “Wilderness”, which is a victory for offroaders. This likely means greater access for riders; so make sure your ATV tires are ready to tackle new and challenging trails.

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