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Safety from the Ground Up

Like any sport or outdoor hobby, ATV riding and racing can be dangerous. For professional racers, learning how to fall, handling a skid, avoiding a crash into a group fellow racers who are already in the midst of a pile-up, or circumnavigating a bad patch of course without losing speed, are all part of training to compete at the upper levels. For hobbyists, however, just getting out on your ATV and having fun takes precedence over competition.

The quality of your ATV tires can have a huge impact on the safety and quality of your ride, even just recreationally. Take the time to research and test a number of brands before buying.  Make sure that the brand and style you purchase are appropriate for the type of terrain you plan to ride, and can handle the distance and speed you need them to. Ensuring a safe ride starts from the ground up, and taking some time to choose the right ATV tires will make your entire riding experience better in the long run.

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