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Safe ATV Riding Extends Tire Life

In this space, we have frequently discussed the importance of safe ATV riding. For some strange reason, some riders seem to equate safety with a less-enjoyable riding experience, and it's a misconception we try to dispel.

The most important reason to ride safely, of course, is the physical well-being of yourself and your family. But there are other incentives to drive safely (beyond the risk of incurring fines for, say, not wearing a helmet.)

Another strong incentive for ATV enthusiasts to ride safely is the fact that safe riding is good for the longevity of your ATV tires. Bad habits like fast starts, abrupt stops, and quick turns around short corners not only put the rider at risk, but they wreck havoc on your tires.

The same goes for excessive speeding: think twice before gunning the gas, because the heat generated by excessive speed boosts tire wear and eats into durability.

We'd like to think ATV riders don't need any other reason to drive safely. But just in case, be safe for the sake of your tires.

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