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Rugged vs Careless ATV Riding

Proper ATV tire maintenance is, in some ways, an oxymoron. Often the whole purpose of an ATV adventure is to ride in conditions that push your tires to the limit. They are going to experience wear and tear to a far greater degree on rocky and rugged terrain.

Of course, sound ATV tire maintenance isn€'t an all-or-nothing proposition. Manufacturers like Dunlop, Duro, and ITP make ATV Tires that can handle riding on rugged terrain.

And there is a distinction between that kind of riding versus just plain careless ATV riding. Things like riding on the edge of the pavement, over curbs, potholes, around glass - any sort of riding that raises the risk of puncture.

To the experienced driver, this distinction is obvious. However, to the novice who thinks their ATV and their tough tires make them invincible, this difference will be learned the hard way.

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