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Preparing and Riding Your ATV in the Mud

The great thing about an ATV is that it can tackle just about any surface or type of terrain. Different terrains often require different ATV tires, but for the most part, your vehicle can handle just about anything (provided the driver knows how to handle the conditions). Riding your ATV in the mud is one condition that has proven to be quite an obstacle for many riders. Like driving on water or on ice, mud driving requires some adjustments.

If you know that you are going to be driving in deep mud, be sure to seal your airbox and use an air filter. It is wise to make sure your radiator is clean so the engine doesn’t overheat from the extra stress of mud driving.If possible, use an O-ring chain (mud and water will rust and wear out regular chains more quickly), and invest in some protectants. Use marine grease on bearings and pivot points, electrolyte grease to protect your electrical connections and spray WD-40 on the body of the ATV (do not apply to your polycarbonate windshield, if you have one). Using these protectants makes cleaning the mud off a lot easier later.

When you hit the mud, watch the riders ahead of you. See whose path was the most efficient, and follow them. Try not to freak out and choke-hold€ your ATV. It will move around a lot, so stay loose with it. Try to stay at a steady speed, preferably one that allows you control, but doesn't leave you stuck in the mud. Like everything else, it takes some practice, and good tires like ITP Mud Lite ATV tires will make a noticeable difference. So, keep these tips in mind, and give it a go.

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