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Paddle ATV Tires

ATV tires are designed for every type of terrain; hence their name. A type of ATV tire designed specifically for conditions such as sand or mud is called a paddle tire.

Paddle ATV tires have a unique appearance similar to those of a duck’s webbed feet. These tires are smooth and balloon-like with specially-designed scoops in them, which allow the driver to maneuver effectively around the sand and dirt. Their unique shape also allows you to accelerate in these tough conditions.

A paddle tire is designed to dig into the sand and mud and push off from the buried sand with the scoops. When deciding which tire to purchase think about horsepower. The more horsepower your vehicle has the bigger the paddle scoops should be.

Always remember to use your paddle tires for off-roading only. These ATV tires were specifically designed and manufactured for excellent performance in sand and mud and will wear down considerably and possibly be damaged if used on any other terrain.

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