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Identifying and Repairing ATV Tire Punctures

Most ATV tires will inevitably experience at least one puncture during their lifetime. It is, after all, the nature of the beast, given the terrain involved.

Not all ATV tire punctures are the same, of course, so it is critical that drivers properly inspect their tires to determine if it€'s a self-fix situation or something that requires professional assistance.

Since ATV tires are designed to operate as a single unit, many repairs are deceptively complex. For starters, the tire needs to be fixed on both the inside and the outside. Additionally, punctures at depths of 3/16€ or deeper cannot be repaired, as the structural damage is too great.

Ultimately, a thorough tire repair can only be made if the tire is removed from the rim and after an internal inspection is conducted.

Once your tire is repaired, driving behavior must change accordingly. Given the tire€'s susceptibility to re-puncture, do not exceed speed limits or engage in any competitions.

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