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Hunting Season and Your ATV

Sheriffs around the country are warning hunters to be mindful of thieves this hunting season, as every year reports pile up for stolen ATV’s and hunting supplies. Hunters who use their ATV’s for transport are prime targets for criminals who follow them into the woods and take the equipment once abandoned while hunting.

Most of the thefts are purely for money reasons, but there is also a vengeance factor involved as disgruntled ATV enthusiasts express their dismay at trails being closed so hunters can have unfettered access to land for safety reasons.

Numerous reports in Tennessee and Texas last year cited not only thefts of ATVs, but vandalism as well, including punctured ATV tires and body and fuel cell damage. Apprehended vandals cited their actions were due to displeasure at local and state officials banning riding in October and November.

Law enforcement officials suggest hunters mark their vehicles with their driver’s license number, parking them in a covered area out of plain sight, and taking their keys with them. Most thefts involve the transfer of ATV’s across state lines where they are sold cheaply, or they are brought to private camps and repainted to be used for personal use.

The ongoing dispute between hunters who only use their ATV’s during the season and ATV enthusiasts who like to ride year -round won’t end anytime soon, so hunters should be aware of small groups of people who don’t respect hunters and their right to use lands during the hunting season.

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