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Four Wheeling and the Call of Nature

Planning Your ATV Ride

Whenever my friends and I plan to ride our all-terrain vehicles, we do all of the important preparatory things, such as:

  • Check ATV Tire Pressure
  • Fill Fuel Cans
  • Maintenance Check of Machines
  • Restock First Aid Kit
  • Inform Friends Where You'll Be

We just try to make sure that we have everything in order to make our ride more about fun and less about problems. Sometimes the biggest problem we have is where to go. No, I don't mean where we should ride, that's easy. I mean where to go when proper restroom facilities aren't available.

Pre-Ride Preparations

We all tend to plop a few extra items into our ATV storage packs to make the ride more comfortable. Sometimes, however, people forget to plan for the most basic of human needs: pooping along the trail. 

So, when packing for a ride – especially a long one – consider dumping the following items into your pack.

  • Toilet Paper
  • Plastic bag (Leave No Trace)
  • Matches (you know why)
  • Noisemaker (radio works well). This is to drown out any unsavory sounds for the easily embarrassed folks or for when your riding partners are eating lunch.
  • Optional, an unusual accessory for your ATV is a trailer hitch toilet seat.
  • Newspaper or other reading material
  • Hand sanitizer

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