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Ensuring Proper Tire Pressure for Your All-Terrain Vehicle

ATV tires are inherently equipped to handle the rocky and dangerous terrain, primarily due to their deep treads, which can handle a comparatively high amount of water or snow.

In order to gain the maximum performance, however, users must be sure to maintain the proper tire pressure. All tires should be checked simultaneously if there is an imbalance in tire pressure, the vehicle may slightly tilt to the side where the tires are under-inflated. Improperly inflated tires can have additional negative consequences on your vehicle’s performance. Under-inflated tires may cause the vehicle to feel weighed down, while over-inflated tires are more susceptible to breaking or wearing out quicker.

While ATV tires have a typically lower tire pressure than their conventional vehicle counterparts, no two ATVs are the same; owners must ultimately refer to their owner's manual for the proper pressure level. Similarly, no two tire brands, be it Carlisle, GBC, or Kenda.

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