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Disaster Essentials For ATV Riding

The thrill and excitement of riding in extreme environments is what off-roading is all about. This definitely means pushing your ATV to the limits. Add questionable weather conditions and you are really off-roading! Your ATV has been manufactured to handle all kinds of conditions. You expect top performance because you keep up with maintenance and know how to handle your ATV. But what happens when the unexpected happens? Are you prepared?

Anything can and does happen while riding an ATV. This is because the very nature of the ride takes you where no one else travels. But you must be prepared in case a problem arises. You need to understand your surroundings and do what you can to prevent an accident from occurring. This means bringing along items that will help you if you find yourself in a terrible situation. Flares, maps, communications devices, first aid kits, spare parts and tool kits should be considered essentials. One of the most overlooked essentials is a spare ATV tire.

You never know when one of your tires will go flat and it’s important to be able to get your ATV moving again so you don’t have to leave it stranded someplace. A spare ATV tire can be attached to the back of the ATV in much the same way a spare tire is attached to a Jeep.

ATVing terrain is treacherous and can easily damage or permanently ruin your tires and wheels. Some of this dangerous terrain is not always easily spotted; broken bottles, sharp rocks, tree stumps, pot holes and metal scraps can make it tough to protect your ATV tires from damage.

Enjoying your off-roading adventure means taking necessary precautions. Don’t let a small inconvenience become a disaster – take everything you may need on your trip.

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