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Choosing The Right ATV Tire – Trail & Mud Tires

Trail: Trail tires are all-terrain ATV tires designed to handle all types of terrain. No single tread design is able to handle every single terrain type with super high performance, so the main focus of this type of tire is to offer better performance and a balance of traction across the board.

Tread designs differ quite a bit from manufacturer to manufacturer, as each has their own idea on how to best balance traction across various terrain. Knowing your terrain well should give you insight into the deepness of the tread you need. Choosing a tire with good self-cleaning capability is also an important consideration. The Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 radial and GBC Dirt Devil are two tires to look at for all-around riding.

Mud: Mud tires have larger gaps between tread lugs than all-terrain tires with angled tread patterns to get traction. The treads are also taller than all-terrain to provide optimum self-cleaning. If you can only buy one set of tires, a medium mud tire is probably the way to go. The downsides to this type of tread are excessive wear on hard-packed or asphalt surfaces, poor stability on side-hilling, and poorer ride quality than all-terrain tires. Examples of this kind of tread can be seen on the Carlisle ACT XLR and the Duro Buffalo.

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