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Choosing The Right ATV Tire – Racing & Sand Tires

If you need a new set of rubber, it can be a hard choice to make. There are many options out there for the rider, but knowing your terrain and the key aspects of the tire will help you make your choice a little easier. In the coming series of articles, we will look in more depth at these aspects and how they factor into your decision. Today we will look at ATV tire tread design for racing and in the sand.

Racing: These specially-built tires are designed for relatively hard-packed trails and courses. They feature a knobby design with flat tops, often in an “X” type of pattern, but many different designs exist depending on how aggressive your racing style. The ITP Quadcross MX and Holeshot ATV tires are good examples of the types of treads available on ATV racing tires.

Sand Tires: Custom-built like racing tires, these tires serve only one purpose and that is to move sand. Their tread design features a front tire with a raised rib running down the center, and rear tires having a “scoop” or paddle design, as is seen on the Kenda Gecko and GBC Sand Devil.

No other kind of tread will provide good traction in the sand, and attempting to use another type of tire can overheat and damage your ATV engine. If your ATV sees dunes more than a few times a year, you should consider getting a set of sand tires for those runs. Just remember these are specialty tires, so if used on any terrain other than sand, the tires will fall apart quickly and won’t be very stable.

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