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Bald ATV Tires

When tires are worn out they can become quite dangerous. Bald ATV tires are tires that have lost their tread due to wear and tear and do not grip the road in the same way that a tire with a functional tread can. An ATV tire without tread can lead to hydroplaning and sliding and can make sudden stops nearly impossible. With ATVs, the quality and condition of your ATV tires play a huge part in the safety and overall quality of your ride, and the type of tires you use will depend upon the type of terrain you ride.

In general, bald tires should be avoided. The exception to this rule is if you plan to be driving on sand, as smooth tires like the GBC Dune Tracker can help you stay on top of the sand, instead of digging down into it and becoming stuck. Otherwise, if you realize that your tires are going bald, it is definitely time to get a new set.

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