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ATVs a common activity in Maine

The state of Maine is recognized for many things: great lobster, awesome skiing, gorgeous summers, rocky beaches and long winters. With a population of just over a million people spread out over the largest state in the northeast, it is possible to drive for hours without seeing another person. So, it stands to reason that ATVs would become popular in a state where nature still reigns supreme.

There are multiple ATV clubs in Maine, as well as a number of ATV events each year. Some groups are focused on ATV education and innovation, such as developments with ATV tires or accessories, or the preservation of trails. Other groups are focused on getting together and riding whenever they have the chance. As Maine is primarily wilderness, and enjoys a long, snowy winter, ATV clubs in the state are popular and active. There are currently approximately 70 active groups, and multiple smaller, less organized clubs that get together semi-regularly. While the racing circuit is not as organized as in other states, most Maine-based competitive ATV racers participate in the New England ATV racing series.

Also, in recent years, a community of ATV ice racers has also developed in Maine. For the most part, the ATV community in the state seems invested in going out and having fun. At the end of the day, that's what it's all about.

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