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ATV Trails: Picking Favorites

Ask ten people sitting a restaurant to name their favorite musician, and you will most likely get ten different answers. This trend will continue if you ask for a favorite book, sports team, or food. The same is true of narrowing down the best ATV trails. Ask a group of ten ATV enthusiasts where the best rides are, and twenty-five minutes later, they will still not have reached a consensus. What makes a trail the best€ varies from person to person, and consequently, everyone has a different favorite based on their own criteria.

Various ATV magazines all point to different parts of the United States when asked to narrow down their favorite trails or to single out the regions that guarantee the best rides. However, there are a few places that seem to make an appearance on everyone's list. In the Pacific, the Mojave Desert receives high marks. In the mountain regions and the upper Midwest, the Paiute Trail in Utah is a wide favorite. Coal Creek on the edge of the Appalachians in Tennessee guarantees a great ride in the mid-southern part of the country. Finally, the Jackman-Moose River region in Maine is considered by many to be a premier spot in the northeast. The next time you are looking for a great ride, grab some new ATV tires, and head for one of the favorite trails upon which everyone can agree.

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