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ATV Access Maps Available for Public Lands

Anyone who has tried to get something approved by a government agency can tell you that the process can be, shall we say, a bit burdensome due to red tape and standard bureaucracy. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Federal government's designation of ATV trails.

Of course, the government's measured approach is wholly justifiable. They are in the precarious position of striking a balance between conservation of the natural surroundings and offering public access to it. It has been a heated debate for decades and is only intensifying as ATV popularity surges.

Most public lands are under the jurisdiction of the United States Forest Service, and in 2005 in response to increasing interest in ATV usage, the Forest Service laid out rules stipulating that all public lands open to OHV usage had to be thoroughly documented by January 2010.

Though essentially an ongoing project, this endeavor is good news for ATV enthusiasts. From this point on, all motorized vehicle use maps will clearly designate roads that can be used by ATVs and those that are off limits. Completed motor vehicle use maps for your state can be found here. Armed with this information and durable ATV tires, riders can ensure they won’t be fined for riding in the wrong place or wander off into an area that is unsafe for riding.

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